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South Farm is a community of award-winning, solar energy homes located just south of Hinesburg Village.  The six homes are nestled into a south-facing slope. Each home is designed with a consistency in material so that the homes complement each other and blend into the hillside. We are working with Architect Rolf Kielman of Truex Cullins & Partners with Reiss Building and Renovation to design and build the homes.

Vermont Builds Greener

All homes in South Farm meet the standards necessary for Vermont Builds Greener home certifications. The program outlines criteria for rating residential housing on environmental sustainability. Considerations include siting of building on the land, renewable energy and greater efficiency, sustainable materials use, and creation of a healthy living environment.


6 House Development


Hinesburg, VT


Completed 2015

Vermont Building Resources, LLC.

Hinesburg, VT


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