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About Vermont Building Resources, LLC

Vermont Building Resources, LLC (VBR) is a development company with particular interest in development that strikes a balance between built, natural and human capital.

Created in 2005 by founder Chuck Reiss, VBR pursues development when there is a high development pressure in conflict with environmental and community values. Given location, and local regulations, some development is inevitable. VBR aims to pursue development in these areas that is carefully thought out and addresses community and environmental concerns.

Our Team

Vermont Building Resources, LLC is a family company run by a father and daughter duo. Owner, Chuck Reiss, has been at the forefront of the green building movement for over 30 years, building custom homes through his partnering company Reiss Building and Renovation. His daughter and business partner, Lexie Haselton, has been instrumental in bringing about both developments to date. Lexie has a masters in natural resources from the University of Vermont where she studied participatory planning and land use change modeling. With a dual identity as an artist, Lexie contributes a strong design sense to VBR's developments.

Chuck Reiss


Lexie Haselton


Vermont Building Resources, LLC.

Hinesburg, VT


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